About Dignity of Girl Child

Dignity of Girl Child's (DGCF) mission is to provide opportunities to girls, women and other disadvantaged people facing inequality and injustice and strengthen communities to bring about a positive change in their lives so that they can become self sufficient and move towards an equal and just society.

How Dignity of Girl Child Volunteer Program Works

Our main efforts are to empower the people who are underprivileged and underserved and help them carve out a better life for themselves. DGCF works with schools, day care centers, community groups and rural and urban youth.
DGCF is located at Jaipur, home to the beautiful forest of Ranthambore and the Indian tiger. Our English speaking program staff are always available to volunteers and we provide all requisite training and an orientation to help you make the most of the enriching experiences.

What Are Some of the Issues that We Work On?